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Oil Fighting Oils. The best essential oils for your skin.

Just the word “Oil” can freak some people out. And if you have larger pores that produce an excessive amount of sebum, then you especially worry about oil based skincare products.

Did you know that an overproduction of oil in the skin is a sign of dehydration?! Yes! And dehydrated skin needs what? Hydration!

Before your skin can be properly hydrated it first needs to be balanced, and that’s where amazing essential oils that fight the overproduction of sebum- oil in your pores- are “essential” to getting you on the road to having more balanced skin.

Here are my favorite essential oils that fight to clear oily skin-

1. Essential Neroli Oil- Fights acne, brightens the skin, minimizes hyperpigmentation and offers a light barrier of hydration.

2. Rosehip oil- Brightens the skin, protects against free-radicals, boosts collagen, reduces inflammation and provides hydration.

3. Tea tree oil- Can soothe the skin, is an anti-inflammatory, fights fungal producing sebum and may help reduce some forms of redness in the skin. It also provides light hydration.


For more helpful skincare information or to book a service subscribe to my website

Brooke Young, Licensed Esthetician

Vegan Luxe Esthetics

Houston, TX


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