Red: The timeless lip color.

I had the opportunity to writer this piece for an Amazing publication, I hope that you enjoy it.

Over 5,000 years ago, Ancient Egyptians were known to ambiguously draw on red lipstick as a sign of stature. Bugs were literally crushed and drained in order to drape the lips of queens and kings in alluring tones of blood red.

In 1927, the recently formed FDA was granted permission to regulate the beauty industry. The FDA noted that of 53,000 households surveyed, 58% owned one red lipstick despite a worldwide debt crisis.

In 1946 Max Factor created “Tru-color” red lipstick. That same year it was featured in one of the entertainment and beauty industry’s first cross-marketing campaigns with Brooklyn-born movie star Rita Hayworth.

Growing up in Brooklyn during the 1980s, I have fond memories of watching my mother, a trained opera singer and school teacher, wearing her favorite red Max Factor lipstick. I did not know it then but, as I watched her fill in her lips with her beloved product, I would one day own and sell what could arguably be the most timeless hero SKU. As beauty trends come and go, how has Red Lipstick stood the test of time?

It is a multimillion-dollar seller signaling a sign of strength and seduction by all who wear it. Psychologically the color red makes people feel confident; in many cultures it is a sign of deep passion or celebration. Many beauty brands aim to create that “one size fits all” tone but few have succeeded. Influencers, Pro Artists, and Brand Educators weighed in on what they think is the best Red to own: